Alliance of Warren Evangelicals Denounce Racism and Injustice

For Immediate Press Release

Alliance of Warren Evangelicals Denounce Racism and Injustice

June 3, 2020

Warren, MI—As members of the church in the city of Warren, MI, we deplore the actions that
have occurred in our nation with the senseless death and precious loss of life of George Floyd
at the hands of the Minneapolis police officer. We recognize that the abuse of police authority in
this situation represents not an isolated incident, but a pattern of injustice in which Blacks and
other people of color have been unjustly treated by the very arm of society that is meant to
protect, serve, and nurture peace for all members of our society. We stand with all the people
of this nation and ask for transformation of societal practices to reverse the course of history in
this nation. We ask our leaders in government, in the judicial system, in the legal system to
begin to address these matters, which are not new issues, but have represented the practices at
work in this nation for over 400 years.

Psalm 89:14 reads, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; steadfast love
and faithfulness go before you.” We cry out to God for His grace and blessing to pour these out
upon our city and nation in this most fateful hour. We ask for a vision to remove ourselves from
national immoralities, and not to sanction national complacency. We ask for healing for the
trauma perpetrated upon the Black members of our society and ask that you would transform
the ways in which we, as citizens, have sanctioned or tolerated abuses against humanity.

We stand with the right of those so harmed by racism in all its forms to gather to peacefully
protest and to lift their voices in calling this nation to return to justice. While we do not approve
of violent and destructive behavior from some of the protesters, we do not wish in doing so to
summarily fail to recognize our own complicity in the injustice perpetrated through years and
centuries upon Blacks and other peoples of color. We must recognize, confess, and turn from
all injustice and begin to create a national and social climate that provides equal access for all
peoples to peace and the blessings of God for which we all strive.

Finally, we join together in the church of Jesus Christ with all our brothers and sisters in this
nation, and we pray that the Lord would look down upon us in this time of trouble and pour out
His compassion and mercy on us so that the changes necessary, changes unprecedented in
our American history, will be granted to us.

Alliance of Warren Evangelicals