LHCF COVID-19 Protocols

We are reopening the church for Sunday services on Sunday, July 12, 2020, at 11:00 am with certain protocols in place. We would love to have our family back together, but we understand if you don’t feel comfortable just yet being in a group.


Please note that the entrance on Toepfer will be blocked, so vehicles must enter the parking lot from Couwlier, the street just south of Toepfer on the east side of Schoenherr.


We will continue to live-stream services at fb.com/lhcfwarren and lhcfwarren.com, so we recommend that those with health issues or those who are unable to wear a mask for the entire service remain home and enjoy the gathering from there.


The main service will be held outdoors in the small parking lot and surrounding area. Please bring your own chairs or a blanket, as well as water. Masks are required for all adults and children over 10 at the outdoor service. The masks are optional for younger children, but all children must remain seated with their families. Please bring your own mask and plan to wear it for the entire service. We will have masks available if needed. Everyone will also be expected to observe social distancing. Please check lhcfwarren.com or fb.com/lhcfwarren by 8 am on Sunday mornings for any changes to the outdoor service. If it rains the outdoor service will be canceled. The indoor service will be the only service in the event of rain and all indoor protocols must be followed.


The outdoor service will be streamed on the screen in the sanctuary for anyone who is more comfortable being inside the building. There will be one entrance and exit to the building, which will be the Schoenherr entrance. This door will be locked and people will have to knock to get in. There will be hand sanitizer dispensers available for use.

Masks are mandatory for everyone, including children inside the building, children should remain seated with their families, and people are expected to observe social distancing. Please bring your own mask and plan to wear it the entire time you are in the building. We will have masks available if needed.

Sanctuary seating requires some separation for health purposes. Older members will be in one section, families with children will be in another section, and everyone else will be in a third section.


Please have one adult from each family pick up Communion elements for your entire family when you arrive. There will be a table with the elements inside the sanctuary entrance as well as at the outdoor service. Bathrooms are available for emergencies only; see bathroom protocols below. The drinking fountain is not available, so please bring your own water.

Sunday school is canceled until further notice. However, activity packets will be available for parents to pick up for their children at the communion tables.


We will need volunteers to assist in carrying this out. Please contact the church to help with the following:

  • Setup: arrive early to help set up for the indoor service (arrive @ 10:30 am) and outdoor service (arrive @ 9:30 am)
  • Greeters/Security Team: arrive at 10:45 am to direct parking if necessary and monitor church entrance and bathrooms to keep people safe
  • Cleaning Team: remain after service ends for about 15 minutes to help wipe down and disinfect surfaces in the building
  • Breakdown Team: remain after service ends for about 20 minutes to help break down and put away outdoor equipment


  1. please limit bathroom use to emergencies only
  2. bathroom use will be limited to one person at a time other than parents accompanying children (parent or guardian must accompany children to the bathroom)
  3. use hand sanitizer
  4. use bathroom
  5. wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds
  6. dry hands
  7. put gloves on
  8. wipe down toilet handle and seat with disinfectant wipe (DO NOT DISCARD WIPE INTO THE TOILET)
  9. discard gloves and disinfectant wipe into the trash bin (PLEASE DO NOT DISCARD THESE ITEMS INTO THE TOILET)
  10. exit